Off-Grid Solutions

“We focus on the solution – not the problem.”

We have all the Off-Grid solutions!

Tiny houses are many things to many people. For young people, it’s a beacon of hope in an over-inflated housing market. For those wanting to downsize, it’s to live a simpler life. For entrepreneurs, its earning extra rental income. With the speed that modern life spins, having your own orbit at home has never been more important.

But this new market brings with it a lot of questions and Tiny House lovers are facing many different problems. But not with us! We strive to provide Off-Grid solutions so you can achieve your Tiny Home dream! 

  • Plug-in: With a simple plug-in attachment, your Tiny Home can have water sourced through any existing garden hose. A detachable connection means it isn’t connected to mains, remaining compliant.
  • Rain water catchment: If you want to catch the rain water off your roof, we can set it up so you can do this with ease. Its easier than you may think and quite cost effective!
  • Tanks: We can install fresh water holding tanks fixed to your Tiny Home, so that wherever you go the water goes with you.
  • Fresh water Trailer: A trailer capable of holding 1500 litres of fresh water, easily connects to your car to be taken away and filled. This would be pumped through your house with a small but powerful 12 volt pump. (Note: This Trailer is combined with a waste water system as well)

  • ‘NaturalFlow’ composting septic tank: If you have your own land which you know you will stay on long-term, a composting septic tank could be your solution. These can cost half that of traditional tank installs, and which for installation do not require consent, just the discharge does. With this tank all your Tiny Home waste waters, Grey and Black can go to the one place. You can have a fully functional flushing toilet with no tanks required!
  • Composting: Having a composting system in your Tiny Home can solve many waste management issues. They are easy to manage, and most people say that before long they feel just like using a normal toilet, and most importantly, they do not smell!
  • Tanks: We can install Greywater holding tanks in your Tiny Home. These can be installed, fixed, to your Tiny Home with a hose for emptying, or a detachable tank on a small wheel-trolley for easier management.
  • Trailer: A trailer capable of holding 1500 litres of Greywater, easily hooks up to your car to be taken away and emptied. (Note: This Trailer is combined with a fresh water system as well)

  • Regular 240 Volt: Our Tiny Homes are set up to take a regular 16 AMP caravan plug for the power input. The power can be sourced from a garage power source, a nearby house, or a power box that has been set up on a section for caravan use.
  • Solar: For off grid living, we have the set up you need. Solar panels can easily be installed to charge up the home battery banks. We recommend a back up generator for times of low sunshine, so that your lights never go out!
  • Solar Trailer: For larger Tiny Homes, to help conserve weight and have easier access to the solar panels, when it comes to positioning them, a “solar Trailer” is best. This single axel trailer holds the solar panels, battery bank and backup generator. 


  • Under 3500kg: For Tiny Homes with a total weight (Trailer included) under 3500kg, they can be legally transported on the road by a vehicle with the same towing capacity. This doesn’t require any special transport permits or specialist vehicles. For delivery we can handle this process and if in the future you are looking to relocate and don’t have someone who can carry this sized load, get back in touch with us and we can help you out.
  • Over 3500kg: If the total weight of your Tiny Home exceeds 3500kg then it cannot be legally transported on the road, on its attached trailer. Here, the Tiny Home unit will be loaded onto the back of a heavy-duty trailer and transported to its intended site, separately to its trailer. On-site it is then taken off the trailer by raising its levelling legs, it drives off and the resting trailer is slid underneath.

Certified Self-contained: With Tourism and Travel as our parent company we have the experience and expertise required to fully and correctly fit your Tiny Home out to be self contained and get it certified, giving you the option to go where you want, when you want to.

Rules, Regulations and Legislations. We talk about it!