Economical TINY HOmes

Most affordable Tiny Homes – ready to live in!

Our new range of economical Tiny Homes are bringing Tiny living to those on a budget. If you just can’t crack into the price bracket of the more traditionally built tiny homes, or for those looking for a functional unit, here is your answer.

Quick Info

Project Name

Economical Tiny House


2.4m x 8m

(9.5m with draw bar)

Living Space

1 – 2 people


240V in 16A power inlet

Solar capable

What is Included

Kitchen sink with two flame hob, Bathroom with Shower, Compostable toilet, Hot/Cold Water

  • What are they made of ?
  • How are they more affordable ?

Our Economical Tiny Homes are constructed out of EPS (expanded polystyrene system) Panels and built on the same trailers we use for all our other builds. These panels are two sheets of coloured steel sheets with a 100mm thick polystyrene core which comprises both the internal and external finished surfaces. With an insulation R value of 2.6 these Tiny Homes are well insulated.

With the simple construction procedures of this material the time it takes to build a home is dramatically reduced, reducing cost, without affecting the quality or weather tightness of your home. Additionally, these panels come prefabricated with pre-finished surfaces, so they don’t need to have additional cladding installed inside or out, they are just ready to go. Its savings all round!

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