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Here at NZ Tiny Living, NZ is in our name, and NZ is who we support! We work with New Zealand established suppliers and specialists throughout the whole process of our Tiny Home builds because with NZ, we get the best, and the best is what we want to give!

Tiny House Materials



Galvanized steel

Trailer parts

Trailer parts provided from CM Trailers.


Sub-floor insulation

Expol 60mm thick polystyrene sub floor insulation

Sub-floor plywood

H3.2 treated 19mm thick plywood flooring


Prefabricated galvanised steel framing (Clickworks) designed and prefabricated to comply with the NZ building code



Building wrap

Thermacraft wall & roof underlay with window flashing tape to seal all openings

Cavity Batten

BRANZ appraised Dri-Stud vented cavity battens

Earthwool Glasswool Insulation

Earthwool glasswool R 2.6/2.8 acoustic insulation

Double glaze windows

Aluminum double-glazed windows

External Claddings

Corrugated Iron options

Colour steel corrugated iron/TR5 roofing

Vinyl Clad samples

Vinyl cladding

Shadow Clad
Unstained shadow clad

Shadow clad exterior H 3.1: 

Internal Linings

Redline lining

Redline Lining Plywood Untreated FSC 9mm

Plywood example

Shadow clad interior

PVC Lining

UPVC Internal linings sheets:

Ideal for wet areas with an easy to clean, rot resistant smooth finish.


We use a variety of flooring products: Carpet with underlay, tongue and groove laminated vinyl plank, traditional vinyl or even recycled timber planks!



We are offering a 3 year warranty on all our workmanship and of course transfer all warranties of materials and products to the new owner.

Our local suppliers and partners

We are working with local suppliers from New Zealand. Locally sourced, locally build, locally operated.

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