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FAQs about Tiny Houses

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We build fully customized Tiny Homes for every client to suit their wishes and needs, which means we offer a wide variety of possibilities for your Tiny Home. View all our currently projects available Tiny House options and designs.

The size of the Tiny Home depends a lot on how much it weighs, which depends on its design. The maximum length can be just under 12m and we can build them to 3.1 metres wide.

Our Tiny Homes are built on galvanized steel trailers and have a steel framing structure that is then insulated and cladded.

We have full 240V 16A power as well as full solar setups. Please also have a look at our SOLAR TRAILER.

Solar power is an option for our Tiny Homes. The size of the system would depend on how much power each client wishes on using. Please have a look at our SOLAR TRAILER.

Delivery will need to be arranged by clients. 

Construction time depends on demand and availability of materials. Currently we estimate 4-8 months build time.

Yes, we have many show-homes on site. Contact us to arrange a time.

No. Our Tiny Homes on wheels are not buildings, so they don't require building consent. For more details, please click here.

We fully customize each client's water management system to suit their needs and comfort. We have composting toilets as well as holding tank options. There is also a possibility for a trailer with large tanks for longer storage periods of water. 

We have composting toilets as an option but we will install any system the client wants.

Financing a Tiny House would be through a Bank financing or independent financing companies and brokers.

Because a Tiny House is classed as a vehicle, it's unlikely to qualify for a home loan through a bank. However, banks may be able to offer you a personal loan, or if you have an existing home loan, you may be able to add the cost of the tiny house to this.

We recommend you contact your bank or mortgage broker to discuss options for this. 

Below are a few financing options that have been financing Tiny Houses in New Zealand:

We require a deposit to start construction and installments throughout the build.

EPS stands for ‘expanded polystyrene sheets’. These are Insulated sandwich panels are single piece factory engineered units comprised of two metal faces bonded to a fully insulating core. It is a cost-effective, lightweight construction material with excellent insulation properties.

Yes, they have an insulation R value of 2.6 and sub-floor Expol insulation. The Windows and doors are also double glazed. These units come with full AC systems, along with heat exchange units to combat condensation.

Additional to the warranties under the Customer Guarantees Act 1993, we are happily offering a 3 year warranty on all our workmanship and transfer all warranties of materials and products to the new owner.

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